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6 Summer 2012 Denim Trends

This Season's Hottest Jean Trends and How to Wear Them


Jeans are always a fashion staple, but what does evolve through the seasons are the cut, the style, and even the washes and color! This summer, there’s plenty of trends to please anyone; we’ll show you six of the hottest summer 2012 denim trends and how to wear each of them.

1. Skinny Crop

spring 2012 denim trend skinny cropped jeans
The Trend: Slim-fitting jeans cropped at the ankle are fresh and versatile for all ages.

How to Wear It: Style your skinny cropped jeans with a nice blouse, blazer and some wedges for a fashionable yet work-appropriate casual Friday. A cute tank and heels are the perfect recipe for your date night outfit, and a basic tee and summer sandals make for a more laid-back weekend look. Skinny cropped jeans are also a friendly style for all ages.

2. Bold Brights

Spring/Summer 2012 denim trends bright bold jeans ted baker
Ted Baker
The Trend: Bold blues, reds, yellows and more Crayola colors are still a hot Spring 2012 jean trend.

How to Wear It: Bold-colored jeans look best in a slim fit or skinny-cut style. For the daring, try color blocking by pairing a bright jean with an equally bold, solid-colored top. If you prefer a more subtle approach, stick to white and nude-toned blouses and wear with nude-colored heels.  Don't be afraid of having fun with this look and adding on some equally colorful baubles.

3. Pretty Pastels

spring summer 2012 denim trend pastel jeans
The Trend: From mint green and sky blue to soft yellows and pretty pinks, pastel denims are a flirty, feminine look this season.

How to Wear it: Forget potentially looking like the Easter Bunny; this season’s pretty pastels are full of soft colors and plenty of femininity. Pair your pastel pants with another one of this season's hot trends, the chambray shirt. The jeans also work great with other pastels and neutrals like white and light-colored tops styled with a denim jacket.

4. Prints

Citizens of Humanity Floral Print Jeans Barneys New York
Barneys New York
The Trend: From springy florals to funky stripes, jeans are coming in a variety of prints and patterns this spring. You can also find plenty of printed denim shorts, too.

How to Wear it: When it comes to prints, it’s best to keep it simple. Choose a solid colored top to pair with your pants and let your jeans be the star of the outfit. Don't try and mix and match print tops with your print jeans.

5. Denim on Denim

spring summer 2012 jean trend denim on denim chambray
The Trend: Denim paired with...yes, denim! The ‘80s trend of paring denim with denim is back for more.

How to Wear it: Try a chambray shirt or mixing different washes and textures for your denim on denim look. Don’t pair the same shade of denim with the same color top. Remember to think outside the jean jacket; there are denim shirts, vests and blazers, too.

6. Bright White

spring 2012 denim trend white jeans
The Trend: There’s something about crisp whites that feels oh-so-spring. White denim can be found this season in a variety of cuts and styles, including boot cut, skinny and high-waisted jeans, too.

How to Wear it: White jeans look best with a bold contrast, so feel free to bring on the brights! Yellow and tangerine are two of this spring’s hottest colors and look particularly fresh when paired with white denim. You can also pair white with neutral colors; try a white blouse topped with a cream-colored blazer for a sophisticated look. If you are paring white with white, experiment with layering and using different textures to keep it interesting.
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