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How to Wear Pastel Jeans

6 Ways to Style Pastel Denim


Pastel jeans are one of the hottest spring 2012 denim trends. From pastel pinks and blues to light lavenders, you can find pastel denim in just about any shade. They also come in flattering cuts like straight, bootcut and skinny-leg styles. If you are nervous about how to incorporate pastel jeans into your wardrobe, we’ll show you X ways to style and wear them.

1. Pair with Neutrals

J Brand lavendar jeans Barneys New York
Barneys New York

Pastel jeans are a fresh, modern take on typical denim. They are perfect for spring and summer days because light-colored clothing will keep you cool from the sun and they’re stylish, too. One of the easiest ways to pair your pastel jeans is with neutral colors. White, cream and tan T-shirts, tanks and blouses will match with any color pastel jeans. If you are thinking of wearing these jeans to the office, stick to pretty blouses and consider layering with a neutral or bold-colored blazer. A navy blue blazer, for example, would be a great accent piece for this outfit. For shoes, you can wear nude-toned wedges or sandals or opt for a funky color in a complementary shade. These berry-colored shoes, for example, look great when paired with these lavender skinny jeans.

2. Pair with Chambray

When it comes to pairing an item of clothing with pastel jeans, chambray works almost like a neutral--it goes with everything! Chambray tops usually come in a variety of denim shades; experiment with a few until you find the one you think looks best.

3. Pair with Black

Black and navy are a chic and sophisticated option to pair with your pastel jeans. It’s also an easy way to take your look from one that’s casual to more gussied up. When pairing pastel with black or similar dark colors, try some metallic flats to make your outfit pop. Don't mix your dark colors together and instead, choose to focus on just one dark shade.

4. Pair with Stripes

Christopher Kane x J Brand jeans Barneys New York
Barneys New York
Stripes are a hot spring and summer 2012 fashion trend, so it makes sense to pair any kind of striped top with a pair of fun, pastel jeans. When shopping for striped shirts, look for stripes in the same color family as your pastel jeans. This striped top in shades of blue, for example, looks great when paired with pastel blue denim. Keep in mind, the stripes you choose don’t have to be pastel in color; feel free to experiment with bright and bold-colored stripes, as long as they are in the same color family as your jeans. When it comes to shoes, you can opt for picking a pair in the same range as your striped top and jeans or keep it simple with metallic or nude-tone shoes.

5. Pair with Pastels

Surprise! Yes, you can pair your pastel jeans with other shades of pastel. If you’re a little bit nervous about potentially looking like an Easter egg, break up the pastels with a pop of bold color, preferably one that’s in the same color family as the rest of your outfit. A bold or navy blue, for example, would be a welcome accent piece to an allover pastel blue outfit. You can also break up pastels with black, such as with a skinny black belt.

6. Pair with Grey

Current/Elliott jeans Barneys New York
Barneys New York
Light or dark shades of grey pair well with pastel denim. It lends a much more casual feel to the outfit which is perfect for shopping, running errands and other weekend activities. Pastel pinks, light blue and pastel yellow are the best matches for grey tops.
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