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How to Wear Skinny Jeans


Skinny jeans are easily one of fashion's hottest denim trends, and an item many women are apprehensive about pulling off. But they are also one of the most versatile fashion pieces: they can be worn on the weekends, for date night and can even be transitioned to the office, too, since skinny jeans look a bit more dressed up than other casual denim wares. No matter what your body type, we'll show you how to wear skinny jeans with confidence and how to style this fashion forward look.

1. Pair with a tunic top

Really, the skinny leg jean is all about proportions. That's why skinny jeans and a tunic top (a top that skims below your butt) is flattering on every body type. It's a look that really works because a top with a lot of volume helps balance out the skinny leg. This also works with babydoll tops or, you can also try looser fitting tops if you aren't concerned about hiding your butt and thigh area.

When shopping for tunic tops, try on a few to see which you like best. Some may be a little too baggy, resulting in a "potato sack" look so be sure to sample a few until you find the right fit and style for you. If you are hoping to wear your jeans to work, you can easily layer a blazer over your tunic top and pair with ballet flats or a classic pump. Skinny jeans look great with open-toe, peep-toe and close-toe heels, so you can pick any style shoe that you like.

2. Try a skinny cropped jean

Citizens of Humanity skinny cropped jeans
Barneys New York

Skinny cropped jeans are one of spring's hottest denim trends and are a comfortable and stylish warm weather look. The skinny cropped jean is also really versatile since it can be paired with flats, sandals and even heels, too. A longer tank or loose top looks great with skinny cropped jeans. When shopping for skinny cropped jeans, look for a jean that hits a few inches above the ankle, right around the calf area. You can pair your skinny cropped jeans with heels or sandals; try to look for a pair of sandals that doesn't have an ankle strap if possible. If they do have an ankle strap, just be sure it doesn't run into the bottom of your jeans.

3. Try a boyfriend cardigan

Kohls Simply Vera Wang

The ever versatile boyfriend cardigan  (a loose, longer cardigan that has a man's-like fit) is a great way to wear your skinny jeans, especially if you are apprehensive about trying out tunic or babydoll tops. You can wear a fitted blouse with your skinny jeans and then layer your boyfriend cardigan or even a boyfriend blazer over your top so that your top layer covers your butt. Layering results in a very polished look and is an easy way to camouflage the thigh, butt and hip area if that is a concern. With this look, try accessorizing with a variety of long necklaces.

4. Tuck into boots

skinny jeans tucked into boots
Barneys New York

In the wintertime, skinny jeans look especially chic when tucked into a pair of boots. Whether you prefer knee-high, ankle booties or even thigh-high boots, they look great with any kind. Make sure your skinny jeans are tight enough that they don't cause a fabric roll when tucked into the boots. Jeggings, also known as jean leggings, are also great for tucking into boots.

Pairing skinny jeans with ankle boots can be a bit tricky, so you may want to experiment a bit with this look until you find a pair that's easy to tuck your ankle boots into.

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