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How to Make Acid Wash Bleached Jeans


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How to Make Acid Wash Bleached Jeans
Make Trendy Acid Wash Jeans for Pennies With Step by Step Tips

Learn to make these trend-setting acid wash jeans for pennies at home

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Entertainment/Cathy Jacobs
Do you love the look of acid wash designer jeans you’ve seen in stores and on the fashion runways, such as this stunning style from Hudson Jeans? Learn how to recreate this trendy jean style for less at home with any pair of jeans in your closet. Acid wash jeans are created by stripping away the top layer of color from denim, in this case with regular laundry bleach, to expose the raw fabric underneath. Let's get started making your new pair of acid wash bleached jeans with a look at the supplies we need.

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